Always Be Early

This past week, I had the opportunity to photograph a condo for a couple trying to sell their home. It was a different experience as I have never photographed in this particular area before and for this reason I wanted to get there early. The shoot wasn’t until 6:00pm that evening but I arrived around 5:15pm to make sure I was in the right spot.

Once I arrived I thought I should take a couple laps around the building to try to find the best exterior angle. I photographed the rear of the building but it was very crowded and honestly it just didn’t look good (open windows, clothes halfway hanging out the windows, air conditioning units, etc.). I drove around the front of the building and took a second to walk towards the road for a better angle and that is when I noticed the sun “kissing” the side of the building. That was the spot! Knowing I would have to brighten up the front of the building in post a good amount, I tried to put as much of the sun as possible while still having it touch the side of the building and also getting the buildings signage in the shot. 

This would have not been possible if I didn’t get there early to research the area before heading up to the condo to photograph the interiors. That is why I always try to get to a site as soon as possible.

“THE HAMPSHIRE” Greensboro, North Carolina  |  f/8, 1/320 sec, 500 ISO