Unprepared Photo Shoot

It just so happens that my full-time, 9-5 job is a graphic designer for a multi-family housing company. A major perk of this job is having access to model apartment units that are professionally designed. That is where the above photo comes from. 

I was attending a grand opening event for a brand new apartment community located in Kernersville, NC where I was supposed to take various photos of the event, ribbon cutting, people at the pool, attendees having fun, etc. To kill some time before the event started, I walked over to the model to see how it was setup as I have never been to this community before. As soon as I walked into the living area I was blown away by the colors and the overall design. This place was just beautiful! It was then that I realized I didn't bring my wide-angle lens (I wasn't going to need it for the event pics) or my flash, or even a tripod! So I had to make due with what I had. Once I got my settings dialed in, I had to find the right angle. I took a few facing towards the kitchen but I was losing light so shooting towards the window was the only option but it turned out to be the best option. After getting the main shot, I took a few steps back and managed to get another photo of the living room and dining area combined.


All and all it was a great, spontaneous shoot but I am certainly going to make plans to go back there with the right gear. Not too shabby for being a little unprepared, huh?