My passion for photography started in 2005 when I had my first digital camera. I never really took anything special with it (family, friends, etc.) but the photo that set me on my path in photography was a photo of the American Flag at the top of a City Hall building. It wasn't the greatest photo of course but I knew it had potential.

After that, I decided to study the art of photography. That involved watching hours upon hours of YouTube videos, reading photography manuals, and after going back to college to train for a different career path, getting Certified in Photography from Guildford Technical Community College.

I love to photograph anything and everything but I have a real passion for Real Estate and Architectural Photography. Just the feeling of stepping into a home or business and capturing the mood on camera is a rush for me. I really don't want to make a "carbon copy" of a scene, I want to give potential viewers of the image a feeling of wanting to live or visit that space.

Capturing Landscape Fine Art Photography is another passion of mine. As with my Real Estate Photography, I want to create a moody image that is so stunning that you want it in your home. 

Thank you for visiting my portfolio and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.